Nov 222012

268 days. That’s 8 months and 25 days. And that’s how long it’s been since I lasted updated this blog. Since December 2010, I’ve written a whopping 7 posts.  Let’s not even mention how long it has been since I updated my other blog. And here I am — like the stereotypical Internet blogger — about to act like an expert on something I know very little about. OK. So maybe rather than pretending that I have expertise to share, I am going to treat this more like an experiment: I am going to keep up with this blog by writing at least a few posts (2+) a month. Here’s how I think I can make it happen: Keep it short. Really short. This means sharing just a few thoughts on a very specific topic. Carve out no more than 20 minutes to write a post. Although I don’t think I could possibly be busier with all of the things going on in my life (startup + newborn), I can surely find 20 minutes here and there. Being busy, in itself, is never an excuse for anything. Stop waiting for something earth shattering to write about. Just write. I’ve realized that my biggest problem with blogging is that I keep trying to find something “important enough” and unique to share with the world. Inevitably, those types of posts are much more complicated and painful to write… and end up not being very important or unique anyway. Starting a company, and […]

Aug 252011

Yesterday, Steve Jobs announced his resignation as CEO of Apple. With the incredible number of blog posts and articles that are being written about Jobs at the moment, I thought I would quickly reflect on one simple question: What did Steve Jobs actually do? First, a confession: I honestly don’t know a whole lot about Steve Jobs. In fact, I was never really a big fan of Apple. I hated their computers in our school computer labs and, until just a few years ago, couldn’t understand why people would pay so much for an iMac or even an iPod. All of that has changed, of course. The iPhone is the single greatest gadget purchase I have ever made, and the MacBook Air is the most perfect laptop I have ever used. Yes, I’m a huge fan now. I still don’t know very much about Jobs, but I do know one thing: he has dramatically changed the world we live in – multiple times over. Personal computers The Apple II was the first commercially successful personal computer. The Apple Macintosh was the first computer to introduce the graphical user interface and the mouse to the masses. Most people – even those who work in the computer industry – probably don’t realize how much Apple did to kickstart and shape the personal computer revolution. Computer animated films Pixar’s Toy Story was the first full-length CGI animated film and made a major impact on the movie industry. Who doesn’t love a Pixar movie? […]

Aug 172011
8 reasons now is a great time to be

Recently, Varsha and I have been watching the Story of Us series about the history of America. It is really fascinating to see how the various inventions over time helped America develop into the world’s leading superpower. We highly recommend watching it – I’ve never cared about learning history but I truly love this series. To be honest, it has me thinking about what it would be like to be born in a different time period. OK, so maybe the colt revolver and the cotton gin are not my thing, but even the computer is now nearly 70 years old and has gone through a number of exciting innovations and developments. As someone who likes to create new things, I can attest to the fact that is easy to get caught feeling like we’ve already missed out on some “gold rush” period of invention and discovery. All the good ideas and their corresponding website domains have been taken, right? To make matter worse, there are a number of topic and trends we continuously hear about in the technology realm that quickly start to feel over-hyped. But perhaps… easy access to information has caused us to under-appreciate new advancements as they occur. I thought I’d take a few minutes to step back and consider the various trends. And the more I think about them, the more I realize that we are in the midst of a particularly significant age of innovation that will alter the world we live in. Here are […]