Feb 232011
One long, intimate month with the Facebook API

As I announced back in December, my goal for 2011 is to launch a full-fledged software startup. But first – I decided to spend a few weeks creating a Facebook app. Hey, why not? As many of you know, I run a Twitter over email service that has does really well within it’s particular niche. I’ve felt for a long time that a similar service would make a lot of sense for Facebook and finally decided to invest the time in creating it. Developing for the Facebook platform definitely has its challenges. I thought I’d take a few moments to reflect on the experience and share some of the technical details of working with the Facebook API. You might have seen news coverage about the Breakup Notifier app that just came out. I was planning to release a similar feature more than 2 weeks ago. We jokingly called it the Stalker Alert. However, during a private beta test with several users, I discovered I wasn’t able to provide an accurate notification due to unreliable data returned by the Facebook API. Kudos to the developer if he found a way to make it happen but I’m quite doubtful that his app always reports accurate information. I explain why below. Background: “Project Zuckermail” The purpose of this post is to talk about the Facebook API but I do want to give some background on my app. If you really just want to read about the API, feel free to skip ahead. The […]